The AC-6 Cab forward is a vary unique steam locomotive instead of having the cab in the direction of most steam locomotives it's practically reversed!

The Southern Pacific Railroad's AC-6 class of steam locomotives was the third of the railroad's classes built with a 4-8-8-2 wheel arrangement. Like the earlier AC-4 and AC-5 classes, the AC-6 class were cab forward locomotives. The AC-6 was slightly larger than the previous classes with a higher boiler pressure and tractive effort rating.

A picture of the engine.

In 1947 and 1948, this class was rebuilt with cast steel frames, increasing the overall weight to 648,000 lb (with 523,600 lb on the drivers). At this time, most of the locomotives in the class were also equipped with larger cab windows that became standard for SP's cab forward locomotives beginning with the AC-8 class. One of those locomotives that had been turned from AC-6 to AC-8 was the number 4146.

This class was removed from active service between 1954 and 1955 and they were all scraped by March 1956.

There were two variants of the engine the original (the one shown above) and the fixed cab (the one shown below)

The fixed cab